Rediscover the adventures of ‘The Golden Girls’, the ‘sitcom’ that made history, on Disney +

The seven seasons (with 180 episodes) of the successful series created by Susan Harris arrive today exclusively on the Disney streaming platform.

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30 years ago, in 1992, we said goodbye to one of the most iconic series of the 80s: The golden girls. Its success was such that even among its fans was the Queen of England herself, Elizabeth II, who even asked her leading quartet to do a live version of the famous ‘sitcom’ at the 1998 Royal Variety Performance. that fiction created by Susan harris It came to have great guests such as Quentin Tarantino or Rita Moreno, among others. Have you always wanted to see – or maybe revisit – the adventures of Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur), Rose (Betty White), Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and Sophia (Estelle Getty)? Now you are in luck, since its seven seasons are available from now exclusively on Disney +.

If you are one of those who did not see it at the time, or simply do not remember, we will tell you that The golden girls follow the story of four women -three widows and one divorcee- who are around 50 years old and who share a house in Miami, Florida. Blanche (McClanahan) is the owner of the house and often thinks only of herself. And then there are Dorothy (Arthur), who leads a different life from her time; Rose (White), an animal lover who can’t quite get along with people, and Sophie (Getty), Dorothy’s resourceful mother who speaks her mind at all times.

East funny and curious foursome It reached millions of viewers through television and, with its 180 chapters, broadcast between 1985 and 1992, it captivated the audience of its fifth and delighted the entire society. Many of us may not experience this historic series, but our parents and grandparents have always highlighted the adventures of the four housemates. And what better time than now, when 30 years after his farewell, to discover or relive The golden girls exclusively on Disney +.

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If in the end you give it a chance, know that it will also be a nice tribute to the last ‘golden girl’, Betty White, who left us on December 31st from 2021 when he only had a few days to turn 100. The interpreter, whom you will also remember by titles such as Proposition (2009) and Again you? (2010), has been the woman with the longest artistic career, since she debuted in 1939 and continued working until 2019.

Why is ‘The Golden Girls’ worth watching on Disney +?

There are many reasons why you cannot get lost The golden girls on the Disney streaming platform. Either because it is one of the most important series in history or simply because it was the ‘sitcom’ that changed everything. Although, the main reason is that it seems that the years have not passed by fiction.

A series starring four independent older women? Today would be perfectly normal. But in 1985 it was crazy. But nevertheless, The golden girls lhe succeeded in breaking down all the prejudices that existed before its premiere and it hooked millions of viewers of all ages and social classes thanks to the fact that its scripts included topics that were considered taboo at the time, for example homosexuality.

Oddly enough, the humor from The golden girls remains just as agile than then thanks to the immortal comic vis of its protagonists. The four roommates fit together perfectly and separately ended up captivating the audience. Blanche’s mischief, Dorothy’s sarcasm, Sophia’s sneer, and Rose’s innocence make her great plots hard to forget.

Nor should we forget that it was the first great series based on the dynamics of a group of friends, a trend that would later be continued by other more recent ones such as Sex in New York or Girls. Her sensitivity and her relativizing point of view made the four friends tell each other everything without hurting themselves. Whether they agreed with each other or not with the decision made, the truth is that they always supported each other.

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Need a shot of laughter and comedy? If so, don’t forget to relive or discover for the first time The golden girls, in full from now on and exclusively on Disney +.

The golden girls, and more stories than you can imagine, in Disney +.