Real couples (and very ‘cute’) that emerged from a Netflix series

Ester Exposito and Álvaro Rico from ‘Elite’ or Abigail Cowen and Danny Griffin from ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ are some examples of how love can arise at work, although in many cases it ends in a breakup.

Love can arise at any time and circumstance, but filming sets are usually the ideal place for the spark to jump. They are very demanding recordings in which personal relationships are everything, which is why it is not unusual to see how scene partners have ended up as a couple. This is what has happened in several Netflix series.

The well-known streaming platform is an unstoppable production machine, an expert in catapulting actors and actresses to fame and a kind of Cupid, judging by these ten real couples that emerged from a Netflix series. From Elite to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or My First Kiss, discover these cases in which love went beyond the small screen.

Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand (‘Cobra Kai’)


Cobra Kai also has its own star couple. And since recently. They are Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand, who play Tory Nichols and Eli Moskowitz, «Hawk», respectively. Interestingly, the two champions in their respective categories of the All Valley Karate Tournament that was held in season 4 of the hit series.

In the case of this young couple, they were caught by the photographers, although they did not take long to confirm their relationship. «You caught me, brother! You caught me in 4K,» Bertrand exclaimed to TMZ to immediately confirm their courtship. «Yeah, we’ve been dating for a while.»

Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer (‘Stranger Things’)


One of our favorite “Netflix couples” is undoubtedly that of Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer, who play Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler respectively in the hit science fiction series Stranger Things. The couple met on the set of the first season, and as their characters fell in love, so did they.

The couple is very discreet about their private lives, but they don’t keep theirs a secret either and, although neither of them are very active on social networks, both have delighted us with fun personal snapshots that show their good harmony. The couple had been together since their relationship began before the start of shooting season 2. And we’re glad, because the reality is that they hit a lot.

Abigail Cowen and Danny Griffin (‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’)


Their characters in Fate: The Winx Saga fell in love almost from the first moment they saw each other on the screen and love did not take long to arise between them. Abigail Cowen and Danny Griffin started dating and they do not hide it at all, since it is very common to see them share with the world how much they love each other through their social networks.

Unfortunately, the story of its characters will not continue beyond season 2, since Netflix has decided to cancel the fantasy series.

Jaz Sinclair and Ross Lynch (‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’)


Another couple that was also the subject of a lot of ‘shipping’ in its day and that ended up transcending the screen was that of Jaz Sinclair and Ross Lynch, in charge of interpreting Rosalind and Harvey Kinkle respectively in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Unlike other of the couples that make up this list, Sinclair and Lynch continue to maintain their courtship to this day.

The romance was confirmed in 2019, but it had been rumored for a while. Despite the fact that many fans wanted Harvey to end up with Sabrina and not Rosalind in the fiction, most of them surrendered to the fact that they make an excellent couple. However, both were also the subject of some racist comments before which Sinclair quickly came out to defend his girlfriend.

Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline (‘Outer Banks’)


Outer Banks gained a good handful of fans after its premiere in 2020 and was a great job opportunity for the leading actors. And not only that. For Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline it was also a beautiful love story. The two interpreters met on the set of the fiction and sparks arose between them. The chemistry crossed the small screen and many viewers realized it. Thus began the search for clues that would confirm their romance: interviews from the same house, intriguing publications, images of excursions.

In June 2020 they finally publicly announced that they were together. «It’s very cool to share this experience with your favorite people and also with your favorite person. I’m very happy,» Cline said of her partner.

Joey King and Jacob Elordi (‘My First Kiss’)


One of those news that makes the ‘shippers’ happy was the one that confirmed that Joey King and Jacob Elordi, the protagonists of the successful Netflix ‘teen’ movie series My First Kiss, were also together in real life. Their characters, Elle and Noah, fell in love on camera, but it didn’t take long for the young performers to realize that the connection between the characters was also shared by Joey and Jacob.

«I thought it was very cute when I met him, but it started as a friendship,» King recounted in his day about how love arose. “And after a while I started realizing ‘Hey, I think I like this person!’ However, their love did not last long either and they broke up after about a year of relationship and with two films still to be released in which their characters had to continue to be ‘in love’.

María Pedraza and Jaime Lorente (‘Elite’)


María Pedraza and Jaime Lorente formed one of the most attractive couples to emerge on the set of Elite. They had already met in La Casa de Papel, where she was one of the hostages and he was one of the thieves, but theirs arose while they played the students of Las Encinas in 2018. Since then, they have given free rein to their love. It was common to see them together in their Instagram posts and, although they did not give too many details about their relationship, they carried it very naturally.

But the romance was spent from using it so much. After months of rumors, it was confirmed that they were no longer together in January 2021. They were young, successful and two magnets for the media, but suddenly the actress deleted all traces of her partner from her social networks. We don’t know what the breakup will have been like, but that gesture indicates some pain at the end.

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli (‘Orange is the New Black’)


Screenwriter Lauren Morelli had been married to her husband for five months when she began writing Piper Chapman’s story for Orange is the New Black. It was then that she began to rethink her own sexuality and in 2012 she came out as homosexual. Two years later she broke up with her partner amicably and met what she would be the love of her life.

Morelli fell in love with Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey in the Netflix fiction. They said «I do» in 2017 in a beautiful ceremony and since then they have been radiant together. In July 2021 they welcomed little George, who puts the icing on the cake to her love story. If they form one of the most endearing families on the streaming platform, it is said, period.

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos (‘Sex/Life’)


What Sarah Shahi has experienced in real life is very similar to what happens to her character, Billie, in Sex/Life. The series centers on a married woman with children who gets tired of her routine and decides to get her sex life back by turning to an old flame. Well, something like this happened to the actress, who broke her marriage with Steve Howey after 10 years together and three children together -two of them twins- and surrendered to the charm of Adam Demos, her temptation in fiction her.

The two actors in the Netflix series have declared their love to the four winds and Shahi has assured that he is his soul mate. «I’m not sure how two people from such different sides of the world can have so much in common. I know I’ve met my soul mate. I’ve found my ‘forever.’ I’ve never loved so deeply, so strong, and so ferociously.» , wrote the interpreter on social networks.

Ester Exposito and Álvaro Rico (‘Elite’)


The second official Elite couple was formed by Ester Expósito and Álvaro Rico, who played Carla and Polo, respectively, in the successful Netflix series. The characters were a couple in the first installment of the series and, although in fiction a third person came into play to put their own at stake a bit, the love that the actors experienced in real life was most sincere. They themselves showed it openly on social networks, where they posted a lot of photos together and dedicated a lot of fireworks and hearts of all colors.

Finally the couple ended up breaking up a few months later. The first sign of this was that they stopped publishing content together and, later, Álvaro Rico confirmed the news, assuring that they were still great friends and that they would never lose that.