QUIZ ‘The Lion King’: 10 very difficult questions only for true Simba fans

Do you really know the famous animated classic from Disney studios by heart? Test yourself with our quiz reserved for real experts!

All those who had their childhood in the 90s have one thing in common: The Lion King. Disney’s animated film released in 1994 was a real success at the box office, but it’s nothing compared to the impact it has had on millions of young viewers who grew up singing ‘Hakuna matata, live and be happy’ or ‘The cycle without end that surrounds everything’.

Have you known for many years that «Hakuna Matata» means «no problem» and do you use it in your daily life? Do you know the songs from the movie by heart, even the ‘Nants ingonyama’ part? Would you like to be the king of this quiz? In summary, Are you a true fan of The Lion King? It’s time for you to put your knowledge to the test and see if your childhood memories are still intact. Here are 8 questions about the famous animated film not suitable for newbies. The test can give problems from mobile devices, if you don’t see it try to do it here.

The Lion King, by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers, came just when it was needed. The studio had been through some box office flops and needed to regain its footing to continue to hold onto audiences and critics. Since 1989 with the premiere of The Little Mermaid, Disney has become the all-powerful house of cartoons. Year after year we enjoy Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), Hercules (1997) or Mulán (1998). Simba’s tape is in this privileged group.

Development of the film began in 1988, almost ten years before it was released, but main production kicked off in 1991. The film crew moved to Kenya to investigate the animals and landscape and so on. to provide authenticity to the feature film. The lion king went through several bumps, as it usually happens in many film projects. It lost one of its original directors -George Scribner left the project due to creative differences-, there was a rewrite of the script, many doubts… But the workers trusted it and carried it forward.

The Lion King has often been referred to as the only Disney classic to feature only animals, with no humans in the plot, but that’s not entirely true. You have to think that the characters in Robin Hood, Chicken Little and Zootopia are also exclusively animals, although in their case, they are anthropomorphic. I mean, they’re animals but they act like they’re human, that’s the catch. Dinosaur, the 2000 film partially shot with real footage, does have only animals.

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