One of the most tense moments between Orestes and Rafa in ‘Pasapalabra’

antenna 3

The Pasapalabra boat is getting hard. Spectators follow the Antena 3 program with great expectation to see who wins the precious prize. The theory that the pot will not be distributed until the record for the amount of money awarded is broken every day is gaining more strength. Every day the audience attends the already classic duel between Rafa and Orestes, which are becoming more and more intense.

The audience is used to experiencing great duels between the two contestants. However, the tension between the two is increasing as the prize increases. On this occasion, the jackpot amounted to 1,858,000 euros and Rafa was the first to face Roberto Leal’s questions with the 168 seconds accumulated in the day’s program.

«It has a lot of logic»: a ‘Pasapalabra’ spectator makes calculations and predicts the day the jackpot will be distributed

His start in ‘El Rosco’ from Seville was marvelous with five successes in a row and it was Orestes’ turn. The man from Burgos together with his team got 154 seconds of which he consumed 28 seconds for six correct questions. The turns were passing until completing the first round. While Orestes got 22 hits without a miss with 43 seconds to spare, Rafa solved 20 letters and with 57 seconds left for the next round.

The second round started off on the wrong foot for Rafa, since he made a mistake in F. By adding three more hits, and the failure he had accumulated, the Sevillian decided to stand up and let Orestes decide what he was going to do. «You have three words ahead of you (G, J and T),» the presenter commented to the Burgos. The contestant was hesitant with some of the lyrics.

«Things are complicated because in that J I’m juggling three possibilities and I don’t know which one to opt for,» Orestes admitted. «And the T I have to listen to it well because before I have not found out well,» the contestant continued. Then, Roberto Leal explained to him that he had the possibility of winning Rafa and that everything was in his decision. In the end, staying in the blue chair is a matter of strategy.

Hitting one and without failures would win the program. You would draw, but you would not have failures

The move went wrong for Orestes, since the answer he chose for the J was the wrong one. In this way, the man from Burgos was forced to hit one of the two options that he had left after adding his first failure. But, the T also failed and Rafa managed to win the test (not the pot). Will Orestes or Rafa ever get the jackpot?

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