Netflix’s ‘fails’: All the series that have been canceled by the platform in 2022

At the moment, the rate of cancellations within the platform of the big N has not been particularly sharp compared to previous years, despite the economic situation that the company is going through.

2022 is not being the best year for Netflix, the platform that, to date, had managed to establish a chair in the streaming universe and had crept into millions of homes around the world as one of the main entertainment options. And it is not that it has ceased to be, far from it, but the news that the company had lost no more and no less than 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of the year and that the value of its shares had dropped significantly It has been making headlines for weeks and has been the subject of various speculations and debates.

Netflix suffers its biggest crisis since 2011 and takes action: the arrival of ads and goodbye to sharing accounts

Is Netflix in full decline? Will you continue to lose subscribers in the coming months? Is it a 100% business economic problem or does the real reason for your losses have to do with your content? While some analysts have already predicted that the company will remain in «crisis» for a few months, Netflix has started to take important steps. The first of them will be related to the possibility of sharing an account that subscribers had until now and that will no longer be an option, while a cheaper plan that includes the consumption of advertising will also be launched.

In any case, Netflix had big plans in the works and, as far as its production is concerned, it continues to release dozens of original series and movies every month. Likewise, and also as usual, some of them fall by the wayside and are canceled after not having received the expected reception among subscribers. At the moment, the rate of cancellations within the platform of the big N has not been particularly sharp compared to previous years but, so far in 2022, almost a dozen original titles have ended up in the series graveyard where none of them wanted to be.

You had already forgotten it, but this is the series that marked the beginning of the decline of Netflix

Take note below of the series that have not worked on Netflix so far in 2022.


It was Netflix’s first cancellation in 2022 and the news did not cease to be a surprise, since its first two seasons on the streaming platform had been the subject of good reviews. However, it seems that the platform, which after its first installment was clear that it wanted to continue to have it in its catalog, was not satisfied with the reception of the new episodes and decided to nip the story about a group of Latino cousins ​​in the bud. descendants of a Mexican family, who tried to get his grandfather’s taqueria in Los Angeles off the ground.

Created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez Gentefied debuted on the platform in February 2020 and was soon renewed for a second installment, but you have been so lucky in 2022, the date on which its outcome was announced. While on the critics portal Rotten Tomatoes, the fiction has a 92% approval rating by the specialized press.

Other life

One of the most notorious Netflix cancellations so far this year is undoubtedly this science fiction drama starring Katee Sackhoff and Justin Chatwin, canceled without turning a page in February 2022, just a few months after the launch of its first season. in October 2021.

The information was revealed by Katee Sackhoff herself through social networks, who expressed her regret at not being able to continue telling this story about a complex mission related to an alien artifact of unknown origin. However, the platform’s decision on Another Life shouldn’t come as a surprise, as its critical reception was absolutely poor.

file 81

And the one that did hurt especially was the cancellation of Archivo 81 last March, since the fiction had been the object of an excellent reception among subscribers and had remained for several weeks in the carousel of the most popular on the platform of ‘ streaming.

Inspired by a famous American self-titled podcast, the series starring Mamoudou Athie had also been widely received by critics and the first installment ended up paving the way for a potential season 2 that its own creator, Rebecca Sonnenshine, He had assured that it was part of his plans without any doubt: «It has not been conceived as a one-season series,» he had previously sentenced The Wrap. However, fans of the fiction will have to assume that the cliffhanger at the end is the final outcome of the series and that Dan will be trapped forever.

the kangaroo club

The dramatic and family comedy starring Alicia Silverstone and Mark Feuerstein, among others, was canceled last March after two seasons on the platform and despite the generally positive reception it had received from the public and critics.

However, the series based on the homonymous book series about five friends who open a babysitting service did not get a satisfactory enough audience for the company, which canceled The Babysitting Club in its second installment without any regrets.

At the border

This French comedy-drama co-produced by France and the United States has not managed to survive its first season on the platform, despite its initial intention to captivate subscribers with the story of a group of four women who are over 40 years old but Far from being worried about their age, they make the most of their lives.

The fiction was not badly received by the public and critics, but its sober performance in the catalog was not enough for Netflix to bet on ordering more episodes of Alborde.

Raise a superhero

Not all superhero series follow in the footsteps of the always successful Marvel Studios and, in fact, it is not the first Netflix series full of extraterrestrial abilities to end up on the platform’s canceled list. The example of Educating a superhero is not like that of Jupiter’s Legacy, which ended up among the canceled last year despite being one of the most anticipated series, but this superhero family drama about a boy who discovers his superpowers while his mother raises him alone after the death of his father has not been renewed beyond the second season despite its good ratings.

space force

It has mattered little to Netflix that Space Force was created and starred by a star: Steve Carell. The absurd science fiction comedy, co-created by the protagonist of The Office and in which he plays an army general in charge of the United States space force, has not achieved the necessary reception to convince Netflix to give it the opportunity to produce an additional season.

Thus, the fiction has officially come to an end in 2022 after having premiered two seasons on the streaming platform.

Pacific Rim: No Man’s Land

The animated series of the Pacific Rim franchise has suffered the same policy as many Netflix animated series in recent times and has been canceled after the broadcast of its season 2.

There will be no third installment, but at least it has had better luck than Bone, the animated series adapted from the comics by Jeff Smith or Pearl, the one created by Meghan Markle that has also suffered from the wave of cancellations in the company’s animation department.

much more than ready

This comedy about a young woman dumped by her boyfriend and going to live across the country with her sister and some roommates who couldn’t be more different from her hasn’t managed to find its audience, so it has also been canceled after its first season.

After going unnoticed in the catalog and not receiving good reviews from the specialized press, the reality is that the decision has not been particularly difficult regarding Mucho más que feliz, which will not have growth potential on the streaming platform. .

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