Netflix would already have a date for the arrival of advertising and the end of free shared accounts

It had been ruminating for a long time but it seems that the pothole that Netflix is ​​going through in these past weeks has advanced the platform plans to tackle once and for all one of their «problems»: shared accounts.

That and the arrival of advertising on the platform, another of the workhorses of the streaming landscape, could arrive at the end of the year, according to The New York Times. According to the media Netflix has sent a note to its employees advising the implementation of ads in the last quarter of 2022.

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fast and furious

«It’s fast and ambitious,» acknowledges the note in which executives talk about how Hulu and HBO are managing to maintain strong brands while offering an ad-supported model. They also recognize that users want cheaper plans.

So the solution goes through this arrival of advertising on Netflix. Sure, now the platform must think about which strong brands will be your greatest allies so that people continue subscribing to the platform. One of his great phenomena (‘La casa de papel’) has already ended, but ‘Stranger Things’, which is in its final stretch, and ‘Cobra Kai’ could be good allies.

Along with this will come the implementation of the plan to charge more for account sharing. Something that they are already testing in some Latin American country. In the words of Greg Peters, COO of the company:

“If you have a sister, say, who lives in a different city and you want to share Netflix with her, great. We’re not going to prevent that, but we’re going to ask you to pay a little more so we can share her account with her.»

What should be seen is how much that increase is because, for example, the 4K plan already costs a whopping 17.99 euros in Spain.