Netflix Premieres: The series that arrive from May 16 to 22

‘Love, Death & Robots’ and ‘Who Killed Sara?’ They return this week to the platform with their third seasons.

This third week of May has been chosen by Netflix to bring back two of its successful series. The first one is Who Killed Sara?, the ‘thriller’ that comes to an end with the third season. The second is the animated anthology series, Love, Death & Robots, of which you can also enjoy its third volume.

Also, if you’re an anime fan, you’ll like to know that A Vampire in the Garden premieres this week on the platform, a story in which humans try to gain a foothold in a world dominated by vampires.

Then you can check the series that premiere on Netflix from May 16 to 22.


A vampire in the garden

A vampire in the garden is the title of the new anime that premieres on Netflix this month. The plot takes place in a world where the few human survivors are at war with the vampires who now rule everything. In this scenario, Momo and Fine, two girls from opposite sides, begin to establish a beautiful friendship that shows that humans and vampires can live together in peace.

Premiere: May 16

Netflix Premieres: All series arriving in May 2022

Who killed Sarah?

Who killed Sarah? she is also back with the third and final season of her. A season in which it is expected that Sara’s mysterious death will be definitively resolved, and who was behind it will be discovered.

Premiere: May 18

Love, Death & Robots

Another of the fictions that returns to the platform this week is Love, Death & Robots, which premieres its third volume. This new installment of the animated anthology series, created by Tim Miller and produced by David Fincher, is a collection of stories that explore themes such as terror, beauty and imagination, treated from the perspective of fantasy and science fiction.

Premiere: May 20th

  • The Boss Baby: Back to the Cradle

Premiere: may 19

Premiere: May 20th

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