Netflix announces the new project from the creator of ‘La casa de papel’: billionaires locked up during an end of the world with an air of ‘The White Lotus’

For some reason, we tend to believe that everything that Álex Pina touches is gold. And indeed, he was the creator of ‘Vis a vis’, ‘La casa de papel’ and ‘Los hombres de Paco’, but it would be unfair to forget that he has also done things like ‘White lines’, ‘Welcome to Lolita’ or ‘The jetty’. Now, Netflix presents its new series, ‘The bunker’, a kind of mix between ‘The triangle of sadness’ and ‘The exterminating angel’ that we do not know in which of the two types of Pina projects it will end up: Undeniable success or unmitigated failure?

"The two series are hyperbolized, but Sky Rojo is more badass than Money Heist".  Alex Pina

Rich and baseless

In ‘The bunker’ we will see a group of billionaires protected from the end of the world underground. But of course, his refuge is not like that of the others: this one is luxurious and has a gym, swimming pool and everything you can imagine to avoid spending regular time while everything dies outside. Of course, only people with a lot of money can access it… and, of course, there is a twist that Pina has not yet wanted to reveal.

From Netflix, according to El País, they assure that It is not a dystopia, but an entertainment with a lot of bad milk and black humor, in which those who have been saved from death now have to live locked up and carry with them problems that they already had in their lives before the end of the world. It will be eight episodes, but as always, it can be extended if things go away.

Let’s remember that the creator has yet to release ‘Berlin’, the spin-off of ‘La casa de papel’, which will arrive sometime in 2023. For now, of ‘The bunker’ only conceptual art has been seen which anticipates the places where it will take place, such as the gym (with basketball court included), the elegant club and the rooms. We will have to wait to see what is left.