Miki Nadal defends ‘MasterChef’ in ‘Zapeando’ and Dani Mateo alludes to Patricia Conde

The LaSexta program connected live with Lorena Castell to celebrate her triumph in ‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’.

The sixth

The controversy around MasterChef Celebrity 7 continues to talk. The triumph of Lorena Castell has been marred by all the statements by Patricia Conde, which have fueled the theory that «everything is orchestrated» in the culinary program. Such is the noise that has occurred on social networks that the controversy has reached Zapeando when they were celebrating Castell’s victory.

Dani Mateo and all the collaborators celebrated the triumph of his partner this Wednesday. At the ‘Zapeando’ table was Miki Nadal, last year’s winner and who already confessed that his favorite to win was Conde. However, the «immolation» of the actress in the outdoor test during the final gave Manu Baqueiro the duel.

«It’s television, not reality»: Patricia Conde responds to criticism for her attitude in the final of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’

‘Zapeando’ reviewed Castell’s final duel where the collaborator created a menu inspired by her travels with her brother. Three very emotional dishes for Castell, which she broke when explaining them. The presenter took the opportunity to ask Miki Nadal if everything is as exciting as it is seen on television. «Is it impossible to hold back the tears?» Dani Mateo asked him.

«It’s difficult. In his case, he had the family on set. I had them absent, my mother had died a few months ago. But it’s three months that you work a lot, that you make an effort, that you travel a lot, you sleep little. But of course you go there to make an effort and put in the rest to try to win. It’s like going to the World Cup and in the second game you say I’m going home», replied Miki Nadal. A clear defense of the culinary ‘talent’ after being in the spotlight of the spectators.

Sometimes it happens, there are people who get to break as hard as it is

Dani Mateo took the opportunity to say that it is normal for there to be people who break because of how hard it is. A few words in defense of Conde after her «boycott» at the first gala of the final for «being tired». «Yes, yes, but it’s not as hard as they paint it. If you see all the evolution of the contestants who have gone there, you break down emotionally but not because of super stress. There are many more joys,» acknowledged the collaborators. Then, Valeria Rosa intervened to say: «Yes, because of the fatigue.»

‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’ says goodbye as the most accused edition of tongo and with a scuffle that fuels the controversy

«It’s a lot of work and a lot of demand like that of a traditional kitchen. And when you get to the end you say how well it has turned out for me, you rest and dedicate it to the people you love the most. And that’s when everything comes out for you. It’s like a us when they gave us the Ondas, oh no, they didn’t give it to us», Miki Nadal concluded with irony.

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