It is one of the best romantic comedies of recent years and it went unfairly unnoticed: a refreshing film with Kristen Stewart arrives on Netflix

Hollywood hasn’t treated women very well. Romantic comedies in recent years, it is even more common to find proposals of this subgenre on platforms. In the case of ‘The season of happiness’ It was scheduled to be released in theaters, but the coronavirus pandemic meant that this never happened and in Spain it ended up appearing directly on digital services and the domestic market, also only having a DVD edition.

Why it is worth watching ‘The Season of Happiness’

Now all subscribers of Netflix will have the opportunity to remedy it, because ‘The season of happiness’ is available on that streaming platform from this Thursday, June 23 -and if you have already seen it, you may be interested in taking a look at our review of the best movies of Netflix in this 2022-. For my part, I am very clear that this is one of the best and most refreshing romantic comedies of recent years, something that is partly due to the fact that it focuses on the relationship between two women and the Christmas setting.

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Taking into account the incomprehensible controversy that has taken place recently with ‘Lightyear’, I don’t know how some viewers will take that ‘The season of happiness’ revolves around a couple who will spend the Christmas holidays with the family of one of them, precisely the one who has lied to the other about having confessed her true sexual orientation to her family.

That allows Clea DuVall, co-writer and director of ‘The Season of Happiness’, play with the conventions of Christmas cinema through the different confusions and misunderstandings that occur as a result. And he does so without making the mistake of making some too perfect and others the easy target of his criticism. Here that imperfection it is key to achieving the closeness necessary for the public to connect with them.

Also, visually flow instead of going easy and give it a lazy TV look. That does not stop her from betting on simplicity, but she does it looking for (a certain) naturalness and achieving it. I don’t forget either how well chosen the cast is, with Kristen Stewart taking the funniest moments and Mackenzie Davis pulling more towards the dramatic. But always without unnecessary excesses, to the point that perhaps the feeling remains that it is easy to get such a comforting proposal.

You can watch ‘The Season of Happiness’ on Netflix.