It is one of Peter Jackson’s most entertaining films but it failed unfairly: a horror comedy with a great Michael J. Fox comes to Netflix

Netflix It usually gives us several surprises at the beginning of each month with the arrival of some of the most stimulating catalog films. On this occasion I would like to draw your attention to the fact that one of Peter Jackson’s most entertaining films is already available on the platform. I mean ‘Grab me those ghosts’.

Released in 1996, ‘Grab those ghosts for me’ is a horror comedy that also features one of the best performances of Michael J. Fox, who at that time had already been fighting Parkinson’s for several years. Not even that was enough to prevent its failure at the box office, and that Universal trusted it so much that they even brought its release forward several months.

‘Grab those ghosts for me’ begins as the story of Frank Bannister, a charlatan who has psychic powers, but uses them primarily to con people. Everything is complicated by the appearance of an entity that begins to kill people, becoming the main suspect in what is happening.

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To be fair, ‘Grab Me Those Ghosts’ is a movie a bit unevensince its first hour successfully enhances its most comical side, which almost completely disappears during its final stretch, where the terrifying comes to the fore, causing certain tone problems that, yes, they never make you stop enjoying it. All this always with an aroma of cinema from the 80s that is perhaps valued more now than at the time of its release.

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