I have seen the new from the creators of ‘Sucession’ and it has blown my brains out: ‘The menu’ enters the best of the year at the last minute

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell produce a film halfway between black comedy and ‘high elevated horror’, which has made me laugh but also overwhelm me in equal measure.

This Friday, December 2, The Menu, a strange and amazing proposal by producers Adam McKay and Will Ferrell -creators of the HBO Max series Succession and the Netflix hit Don’t Look Up- will hit theaters, and I’ve already had the pleasure of sticking it the tooth. He directs the film Mark Mylod, director of a large part of the fiction chapters starring the billionaire Roy family, but also seasoned in other television milestones such as Game of Thrones or Shameless. The script is the work of authors Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, who are making their feature film script debut. If you are a fan of all these products, do not doubt that you are going to enjoy all the dishes that make up the menu.

In The Menu, a group of millionaires sets sail for a remote island with one goal: to taste (and experience) the new menu of Chef Slowik, a chef from very modest origins who is revolutionizing the world of cooking. To live this very expensive experience we have three billionaire businessmen, an actor in need and his agent, an important politician and his wife, the restaurant critic -who raised Slowik to world fame- and his editor, and finally a rich boy and his companion: the beautiful Margot. When they arrive at the place, they are received by Elsa, the assistant chef, who is interested in Margot since, at first, she was not Tyler’s companion. This begins to make the protagonist uncomfortable, although it is only the beginning… Once they sit at the table, the diners meet the eccentric and passionate Chef Slowik, who promises them that they will live the culinary and vital experience of their lives. They will be able to see the meticulous and rigid cooks preparing the dishes, but they will not be able to take pictures of them. The first courses begin to come out and everything begins to become much more intense for the customers, because this tasting hides more than one unpleasant surprise for all of them.

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It is a perverse and hilarious ‘thriller’ about the world of haute cuisine restaurants, with a stellar cast. Told through the nine courses around which the twisted menu devised by Chef Slowik revolves, the film contains some of the most magnificent food shots in recent cinema history, and is accompanied by a delicious display of commentary hors d’oeuvres. about the service industry, the classism of the 21st century and consumerism.

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Without a doubt, this is one of the most ingenious, daring and disturbing films of the season. Its complexity, both in tone -halfway between black comedy and ‘high elevated horror- and visual (Mylod’s staging is impeccable), serve as gears to carry out an amazing and suffocating plot that turns the film into a delicious experience. and deeply satisfying that will have you asking for a second helping. A film in which -as its Chef prepares with delusions of megalomania- each element is meticulously prepared, perfectly executed and works in perfect harmony. In addition, it contains all the bad slime that McKay and Ferrell tend to pour on the characters that star in their productions: a bunch of stupid, conceited, heartless and sociopaths with whom it is difficult to empathize. Only the infiltrator at the dinner is saved: the young Margot (played by the actress Anya Taylor-Joy).

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Taylor-Joy is accompanied in the film by actors such as Nicholas Hoult, Hong Chau, John Leguizamo or Janet McTeer. All of them sitting at the table of a Ralph Fiennes who gives an interpretation at the height of the evil Lord Voldemort or the ruthless officer Amon Goeth from Schindler’s List.

You can check the cinemas where you can see The Menu from next Friday, December 2 by clicking here.