«I had the resignation in hand»: Miguel Ángel Revilla confesses in ‘El Novato’ the problems he had for criticizing the menu of the wedding of the Kings

The President of Cantabria has spoken with Joaquín Sánchez about his experience at the wedding of the Kings.

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Joaquín Sánchez has tried a new profession. This Wednesday, November 23, the soccer player investigated the ins and outs of politics at the hands of Miguel Ángel Revilla. Joaquin’s team El Novato went to quotes to speak with the President of Cantabria. A conversation that revealed one of the most complicated moments in the career of the almost 80-year-old politician, which came after the wedding of the Kings.

«I don’t see you in any of the games that exist now, you would have to create Joaquín’s party,» Revilla told the Betis player. To begin with, the regional president gave him some simple instructions on how to be a politician and recognized that «it is a vocation, not a profession.» And it is that, as Revilla comments, this race is «very hard, but I never did it thinking that one day I would get where I am».

Revilla is passionate about his land and he shows it wherever he goes. In 1976 he founded the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (PRC), but before that he worked at the Bilbao Stock Exchange, was director of a bank, and professor of Economics at the university. «I won dough. At 30-something years old, I was what could be considered a winner,» the president confessed. Revilla left that «good life» to begin his career as a politician. And, 40 years later, there he continues at the foot of the canyon for his Community.

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The controversy for which he almost resigned

Being the President of Cantabria has opened the door to numerous events. The most notable was the wedding between King Felipe and Leticia. A real link that caused Revilla great displeasure, since at the time he criticized the menu and raised a great controversy over the words. The funny and curious anecdote was recalled again in El Novato and recounted all its consequences.

Revilla and his wife arrived at the royal wedding to the nines. The president thought it would be like a wedding on his land «with kilo lobsters to boot.» «We arrived at the Royal Palace. It was two o’clock, and there was hunger… They brought out cheese and ham. Aurora, my wife, was ‘come on, come on, come on’. But I told her to reserve herself, because we had that at home,» he said. . What Revilla did not know is that what he came after was not a big deal.

I was annoyed that there were few words on the menu, and rare

The regional president was surprised to see the menu that he did not understand anything about, «he only understood ‘fine herbs’. It was a fucking canapé that small,» he revealed, making Joaquín burst out laughing. But the second is not that it was much better. «Second pularda, although they were thin slices of breast,» Revilla continued to the footballer’s laughter.

Revilla has always been characterized by not keeping quiet about anything, and less was going to be after the royal wedding. In a later interview, he recounted every detail of the wedding, including that he went hungry and that there were no bathrooms. These statements caused a great controversy that the president did not expect. However, everything ended up exploding when Xavier Sardá dedicated an entire program of ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ to him, where Revilla received a barrage of criticism from collaborators that affected him.

«I told you that television was going to kill you.» These were the words of the president’s wife the day after the program. That was when Revilla decided to resign, but first he had to attend an institutional act. This fact except for the resignation of one of the most beloved regional presidents. The affection and support of his countrymen made him change his mind «I left and the issue was over,» she confessed. Especially when, some time later, the emeritus King agreed with him.

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