‘Free Guy’: The surprising cameos of six actors in the new Ryan Reynolds

The film, also with Jodie Comer as a co-star, features appearances (physical and via voice) by some well-known performers.

BEWARE, ‘SPOILERS’! The following news contains ‘spoilers’ of Free Guy.

Free guy, the new thing from Ryan Reynolds, was one of the movies of the summer. The film, directed by Shawn Levy and with Jodie Comer as a co-star, swept theaters and now comes to Disney + to continue gaining followers. The story follows Guy, a man with a seemingly normal and somewhat boring life who discovers that his world is not what it seems. Guy is actually a non-playable character from a video game and when he meets Molotov Girl and he learns that his universe is going to be destroyed, he will do everything possible to save it.

The film has very funny moments and also with the occasional nod to movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star wars. To that must be added the cameos by six well-known Hollywood actors. Reynolds himself thanked them for their participation through a publication on his Instagram account.

«This movie is about friendship. And friendship is, at its simplest, showing up. Although I don’t have photos of everyone, here are the amazing friends that appeared in this movie.». And who appears in the images? Chris Evans, Dwayne Johnson, John Krasinski, Channing Tatum, and Hugh Jackman. In those photographs Tina Fey is missing, but we are going to tell you when they appear -or you can listen to all of them- in Free guy.

Chris Evans

The actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe appears in the film for a few seconds. It occurs when Guy uses the captain america shield, a character that Evans has played in the franchise of Marvel studios for a decade, to avoid a hit of Hesitate. The latter is a bigger and more muscular version of Guy than the villain. Antwan (Taika Waititi) introduces in the video game to prevent the protagonist from fulfilling his objective.

The moment is being broadcast live and Evans appears just after the shield is seen and the theme of Avengers. The actor is watching the fight on his mobile in a cafeteria and expresses surprise at witnessing the moment.

The story behind this cameo is curious. Evans was in Boston, Massachusetts (United States), place of production of Free guy, shooting the series of Apple TV + Defend Jacob. Reynolds, taking advantage of the fact that they were in the same place, decided to ask him if it would be possible for him to appear in the film. As the Levy has revealed, Evans spent about five minutes on set from Free guy to record your cameo.

«Chris, being the cool guy that he seems to be, and in fact is, said yes. He literally drove to our set, had the camera ready, we shot it in five minutes, and he left,» Levy said in CinemaBlend. «He didn’t even ask what it was»recalls Reynolds. «I could have said it was the most graphic nude scene you would ever do. But he didn’t even ask. […] He didn’t ask us for anything, «he adds.

Channing tatum

The Magic Mike performer has the most screen time. Tatum plays the avatar of one of the players. The film begins with him to show what the world of Free city, the city of graphic adventure that gives its name to the video game, and also interacts with Guy at one point in the film.

Hugh jackman

Reynolds and Jackman worked together on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a film in which Reynolds first played Deadpool, although in a version of the character that fans of Mercenario Bocazas did not like at all. Jackman does not physically appear in Free guy, but can be heard at the beginning of the film when Molotov Girl, the avatar of Millie (Eating), talk to a masked character in an alley to get some blueprints. His voice is Jackman’s.

Dwayne johnson

Another actor who appears in the film through voice is Johnson. You can listen to the interpreter of Jungle cruise in one of the robberies of the bank where Guy works. Johnson lends his voice to one of the robbers.

John krasinski

Like Johnson and Jackman, Krasinsi lends her voice to the film. On this occasion, you can listen to the actor and director of A peaceful place when a anonymous person (only its silhouette is visible) talking about his experience playing Free city.

Tina fey

Tina Fey appears on the screen for a few seconds, but her cameo corresponds to one of the funniest moments in the film. The actress of Bad Girls gives life to Keith’s mother, the player whose avatar in the video game plays Tatum. You can see it in the background vacuuming and teasing your child during an interaction between her avatar and Guy.

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