Finally: ‘Wednesday’ gives the prominence it deserves to an unexpected character from ‘The Addams Family’

Jenna Ortega in her role as the firstborn of the quintessential ‘creepy’ family is not the only star of the Netflix series.


The Addams Family, specifically the one released in 1991 and its subsequent sequel, is one of those films that are part of the memories of an entire generation and that gave its protagonists characters that would completely mark their careers and for which we would remember them. lifetime. This is the case of Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams, Raúl Juliá as Gómez and, mainly, Christina Ricci as Wednesday, undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved characters among the youngest viewers of that time.

Although Christina Ricci had a promising career ahead of her after that role, Wednesday’s impassive countenance, sharp retorts, and deadly ideas when it comes to play will still come to mind when we see her. Wednesday Addams is one of those characters that are movie history and, as such, has just become the center of a highly anticipated Netflix series. It’s called Wednesday, how could it be otherwise, and its eight episodes are now available in full on the platform.

«The public identifies so much with Wednesday because it says everything that the rest of us would like to say,» said Alfred Gough, one of the series’ scriptwriters, in an interview with Netflix to which SensaCine has had exclusive access. «Mércoles lives in a politically correct world where people are afraid of being silenced or saying the wrong thing and having to face an avalanche of criticism. But she doesn’t give a damn.»

To carry out Wednesday, a series that has the unconditional support and production of Tim Burton himself, the creators were clear that they were going from prequels, sequels or ‘remakes’. They wanted something original, «a new episode of the life of Wednesday Addams that hadn’t been seen before,» as co-creator Miles Millar claimed. «This is a series about Wednesday Addams that delves into his coming of age,» says Gough. «We liked the idea of ​​exploring who that character is at 16.»

«Tim Burton has read it and loves it»: this is ‘Wednesday’, the new Netflix series without mincing words

«People will be surprised how captivating a loose hand can be»

In the series Wednesday, she is played by Jenna Ortega, but in addition to the surprise that the work of the young actress itself already entails, viewers can finally enjoy a greater role for another character that we loved in the movies but that normally He did not have much weight in the plot and was dedicated to running at full speed through the mansion. You guessed it: Thing. A hand with its own life and the most likeable.

We have always loved Thing. Everyone loves Thing. In the series, Gomez sends Cosa to Nevermore to spy on Miércoles, but instead, Cosa becomes his right-hand man. Our goal was for Thing to go from being a simple gag to a full-fledged character.

«We wanted Thing to connect emotionally with the audience,» adds Millar. «I think people will be surprised how captivating a loose hand can be.» In addition, the creators were clear from the beginning that they wanted to modernize their image and they did it with the help of Burton: «We came up with the idea to make it more like Frankenstein; it looks like it has been sewn. When you see it like this, you immediately come to mind questions about its origin. Where is it from? Where is the rest of Thing?»

Maybe we can answer those questions on Wednesday. Remember: its first season of 8 episodes is now available on Netflix.