‘Eyes of Fire’, ‘The Turtle Maneuver’ and ‘Father Stu’s Miracle’ stand out among the weekend’s movie premieres

Stephen King, Zac Efron, Natalia de Molina and Mark Wahlberg are the names that you will find in Spanish theaters starting this Friday, May 13.

About to enter fully into the weekend, it’s time to look at the news that land this friday may 13 on the Spanish billboard. Zac Efron returns to the big screen with Eyes of Fire, the horror thriller based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.

The Spanish The maneuver of the turtle, with Natalia de Molina as the protagonist; and the drama based on real events, The Miracle of Father Stu, starring Mark Wahlberg, are two other titles that you can find in theaters from Friday.

Then you can check movies opening in theaters this weekend:

Fire Eyes

Eyes of Fire is the title of the new film inspired by the literary universe created by Stephen King. Keith Thomas is the director of this ‘thriller’, which combines fantasy and terror, which adapts the homonymous novel by the North American writer published in 1980which was already made into a movie in 1984, with a very young Drew Barrymore as the protagonist. For this new version, those chosen to lead the main cast are Zack EfronSydney Lemmon and Ryan Kiera Armstrong.

The story follows Andy and Vicky, a couple who, for a decade now, have lived desperately to hide their daughter, Charlie, from being captured by an American agency that wants to benefit from her extraordinary power. The little girl, who just turned 11, has a strange pyrotechnic ability, which she increases when she gets angry. One of her last episodes causes a reaction of such magnitude that it allows the agency to discover her location. This makes Andy and Vicky fear the worst, but Charlie doesn’t seem like she’s going to sit idly by and she’ll do her best to stay by her parents’ side.

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The Turtle Maneuver

Another novelty that you will be able to find on the billboard starting this weekend is The Turtle Maneuver, the Spanish ‘thriller’ starring Natalie de Molina and Fred Adenis, who premiered at the recent edition of the Malaga Festival.

Based on the homonymous novel by Benito Olmo, the film tells the story of police inspector Manuel Bianquetti, who resignedly accepts his transfer to Cádiz. What he thought was going to be a peaceful fate turns into a challenge when the body of a 16-year-old girl turns up. This brings back memories of the past that still haunt him, and despite clear orders from his superiors, he goes on his own quest to find the killer before he strikes another victim.

The Miracle of Father Stu

Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson are the protagonists of The Miracle of Father Stu, the drama based on real facts which arrives this Friday the 13th in Spanish cinemas. Directed by Rosalind Ross, the film tells the story of Stuart Long, a boxer who, after a series of incidents, decides to become a priest.

The road to that outcome begins when, after suffering an injury, he is forced to leave the world of boxing. In his attempt to get ahead, he decides to move to Los Angeles to start from scratch. But everything changes when he crosses paths with Carmen, a Catholic teacher whom he tries to impress without success. Stuart doesn’t want to give up and, despite being an agnostic, he starts going to mass to try to get closer to Carmen. However, everything takes a 360º turn when he survives a motorcycle accident. A detail that leads him to decide to delve fully into religion, in order to guide others like him, who until now he considers to have been lost.

The dramatic comedies Waiting for Mister Bojangles, Oliver’s Universe and Beautiful Minds; the dramas A new world, Hit the Road, Eles transport a morte and The conference; the animated film for the whole family Mama Muu returns home, and the documentaries Ennio, el maestro and Salvajes, eltale del lobo are other novelties that you can find on Spanish billboards this weekend.

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