‘Eyes of Fire’: the new adaptation of Stephen King with Zac Efron arrives in theaters

The film is the second adaptation of this story in which a girl who is capable of generating fire with her gaze is forced to run away with her father to avoid being experimented on.

If in 1984 we saw a newly discovered Drew Barrymore -she came from doing ET- get into the skin of Charlie, a girl who does not want to get too excited because she generates fires when she explodes with rage or fear, on this occasion we see in the role of the protagonist Ryan Kiera Armstrongwhich is perhaps the most salvageable Fire Eyesthe new version of the novel by Stephen King (Firestarter) which hits theaters on Friday the 13th.

Directed by Keith Thomas (The Vigil) and starring Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong and Sydney Lemmon, the film is a remake of the 1984 version, in which Stephen King was also credited as writing the film along with Scott Teems (writer of the recent Halloween Kills). Produced by Blumhouse, the studio responsible for hits like Let Me Out and The Invisible Man

The film is framed more in the thriller than in the horror genre. It tells the story of a girl («American Horror Story», Tomorrow’s War) about 11 years old with extraordinary pyrokinetic powers -capable of generating and controlling fire with her mind- who must fight to keep her family safe together with her father, Zac Efron, who also has precognitive powers in addition to the ability to control the minds of others.

But unlike the girl born with her powers, the father, Zac Efron (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the great showman) and mother Sydney Lemmon, (Fear the Walking Dead, Succession), who also has telekinetic powers, were victims of a clinical test in which they experimented .And it is precisely that mysterious agency, responsible for the experiment, who reappears in this new version and chases them to get hold of the girl to take advantage of her incredible gift to turn fire into a weapon of mass destruction.

The film ends up being a collection of missed opportunities for further exploration, and a chase that is greatly abbreviated, compared to the original story, and perhaps too superficial.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong, star of Stephen King’s ‘Eyes of Fire’ The girl’s parents have been on the run for more than a decade Andy (Zac Efron), have been on the run for more than a decade in a desperate attempt to hide their daughter Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) of an obscure US agency bent on harnessing his incredible gift to turn fire into a weapon of mass destruction.

The film has a soundtrack composed by the legendary John Carpenter (Halloween, Christine, The Mist) and Halloween franchise co-writers Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. Which from the outset gives it an air of an eighties movie, but which remains in the air.

The experiments of which Charlie’s parents were victims are reminiscent of Operation MK Ultra, a CIA program that sought the means to exercise mind control, but they did so by using dangerous drugs on uninformed subjects who did not really know the risks to the victims. that were exposed Operation MK Ultra was exposed by a Congressional committee in 1975, and King was inspired by it to construct the novel on which the film is based.

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