Dwayne Johnson regrets having aired his quarrel with Vin Diesel

The ‘Jungle Cruise’ star explains that he subscribes to everything he said, but thinks it was not a good idea to post it on Instagram

It was just a post on Instagram deleted hours later. But it was enough to unleash the storm and put in writing what was sensed: that the relationship between Dwayne johnson and Vin Diesel he had reached a point of no return. Now, Johnson, who came to condition his participation in Fast & Furious 8 To not share scenes with Vin Diesel, he regrets having aired their differences. He has told about it in an interview in Vanity Fair magazine.

The polemic post said:

«My co-stars are always amazing and I love them. But my male co-stars are another story. Some act like normal people and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones who don’t are too special (literally chicken shit ) to do certain things. Butts of candy. When you see this movie in April and you realize that I do not act in some of these scenes, you will think that my blood boils for it, and you are absolutely right «and concluded with the hashtag # ZeroToleranceForCandyAsses

The actor also explains in the report what he means by that expression to which he seemed to refer to his co-partner Vin Diesel: «I have realized that life is much easier when you are not full of shit. And an ass of candy is completely full of shit. «

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Dwayne Johnson assures that there was nothing concrete that was the trigger for that post: «Nothing in particular happened, just the same old shit. And that was not my best day». And he clarifies that his mistake was to share it, although he does not regret what he said.

It was funny because when I published that it was as if each member of the team had connected with me and many thanked me silently for what I had said, or even sent me notes. But it wasn’t my best day and I shouldn’t have shared it. Because in the end, that goes against my DNA. I don’t share things like that. And I deal with that kind of shit in private. The public does not need to know that, «says the actor. And he clarifies:» I meant what I said. Sure. But expressing it publicly was not the right thing to do.

The actor in the interview continues to explain that after that message there was a meeting in his trailer: «I would not qualify it as a peaceful meeting. It was more of a clarification. He and I had a good talk and it was from then on that it became very clear to me that we are two opposite extremes. And he agreed to leave it there, «he clarifies.

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For the protagonist of Jungle cruise the great difference between the two is in their different work philosophy. «In my case I go to work every day. I look at all colleagues as equal partners. And I look at the study also as if they were equal. And I interact with all team members equally. Regardless of where they are, and which one. be your role, with respect and humility. And I respect all the people who are putting in so much time, so much hard work, and so much sweat, if not more, as I am putting in. And I think it has always been important for me to hold my head high and to be able to look everyone in the eye. And if I say I’m going to do something, I do it, «explains the actor.

According to Vin Diesel the problem with this confrontation is that both are «two Alpha males»; He has assured that he is proud to see him follow in his footsteps, and has pointed out:

I protected Dwayne more than he will ever know … but I know he appreciates it. He knows he only has one older brother in the movie world, and that’s me.

To which the Rock replies: «I have an older brother and he is my half brother. And that’s it.» And Johnson adds: «Unlike him, I didn’t come from the theater world. I came in differently and they raised me differently. And I came from a different culture and environment and that’s why I went into each project giving my all. And if I feel like there are some things that need to be square, handled and taken care of, then I do. And that simple «, ditch in Vanity Fair.

Whatever happened on the set of Fast & Furious 8 in which the schism occurred – some say that Diesel eliminated several scenes that Johnson had planned – the relationship between them has not been able to come to fruition since then. The Rock participated in the franchise in one more installment, but did not have to deal with the actor who gives life to Toretto, since his farewell was in Hobbs & Shaw, the spin off of the saga.

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