‘Dragon Ball’: Cell and Muten Rōshi merged in a ’90s fan art’ and the result is really curious

No one called them that then, but it was published in the famous ‘Shonen Jump’ magazine in 1995 as part of a contest for manga and anime fans.

Fusions are nothing new for Dragon Ball characters, but fans of Akira Toriyama’s famous franchise, which has been triumphing around the world for decades, will never tire of enjoying new proposals. Whether it’s in the form of new titles and formats being added to the canon, or the wonderful and endless fan art provided by the most talented anime fans.

Currently, social networks and forums like Reddit are the most common places to find some of the most curious proposals, but Back in the 90s, the popular Shonen Jump magazine, to which we owe the birth of Dragon Ball, published a series of fusions between its characters.

We didn’t call them ‘fan art’ back then, but they were 100% fan art since it was the series’ own fans who came up with and published their proposals in a special contest. organized by Shonen Jump in 1995. As you can imagine, some of them were really curious and these days the Hobby Consoles website has resurrected one that has especially caught our attention: A fusion between the lousy Cell and Master Muten Roshi.

Looking more human than android and featuring some of the key design elements of both characters, the fusion between Cell and Muten Roshi retains the martial arts master’s trademark sunglasses and beard, as well as his usual clothing. However, we can also perfectly recognize the long sting-shaped tail with which Cell absorbed other organisms as well as the armor on her head with insect-like horns.

You can check it below:

The result is, to say the least, curious and is definitive proof that there is nothing more and nothing less than three decades of ‘fan arts’ in which there have to be real gems and that, unfortunately, many of them will never see the light of day again.

Shonen Jump magazine, as the most faithful fans of the most famous anime of all time know, is key in the history of the franchise. The popular animated series is based on the manga Akira Toriyama created for this publication, which began to see the light of day in 1984. Back then, the author had just finished a highly successful series and was looking for inspiration for something new. The movie Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan and the Saiyuki legend about a monkey that lives in the sky and has powers were his main initial references to get down to work.

In 1986, two years after it began to be published in Weekly Shonen Jump, the first episode of the anime known to all would be broadcast in Japan. However, when Akira Toriyama published in 2015 together with Toyotaro the Dragon Ball Super manga, was not published in Shonen, but in V Jump, which caused the former to lose a huge number of readers.

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