Denzel Washington returns to his action and vigilante saga: Let ‘John Wick’ tremble

The actor will once again be placed under the orders of director Antoine Fuqua in a new installment of the story they started together in 2014.

Eight years have passed since Denzel Washington was placed under the orders of Antoine Fuqua to bring to the big screen The Equalizer: The Protector. In 2018, actor and director joined forces again to continue the story of the retired marine Robert McCall in The Equalizer 2. Four years later, they will do it once again.

the protector 3, the third installment of the saga of action and vigilantes, will be a reality. And it seems that sooner rather than later. This is what Washington himself has commented during an interview with Collider. «They have written the third of The Protector, so doing it is on my agenda», affirms the interpreter during the promotion of his latest feature film The tragedy of Macbeth. «So I have to get in shape and start hitting people again. I hit people again, The tragedy of Macbeth and then I’m going to hit people again. It can’t be better, right?

‘The tragedy of Macbeth’, the film that Joel Coen could not have made with his brother Ethan

The aforementioned media affirms that, although Fuqua is still finalizing his contract to direct the film., more than likely the protector 3 become the next Washington movie after The tragedy of Macbeth and the director behind the film emancipation with Will Smith. let him tremble John Wick by Keanu Reeves.

Loosely based on the 1980s series, The Equalizer: The Protector stars this vigilante who confronts the Russian mafia to protect a young prostitute named Teri. Chloë Grace Moretz played the latter character. In its sequel, The Equalizer 2, Washington’s character seeks revenge for the death of a friend: Susan Plummer, who was brought to life by Melissa Leo.

Although the details of the story of the third installment have not yet been told, Fuqua already shared some ideas for this new installment in 2018. «In my head there is a European adventure. In my head that is what I would like, to see him in Europe, in the future«.

washington’s last movie, The tragedy of Macbeth, is very different from the saga that we just talked about. The film, directed by Joel Coen -without his brother Ethan-, is a new film adaptation of the famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare. Frances McDormand shares the spotlight with the actor. The film has already been released in AppleTV+. Will this work mean the third Oscar for Washington?