Bella, a vampire hunter and hunted by the FBI. The original script for ‘Twilight’ was nothing like the book

Mark Lord was commissioned to write the libretto for the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s hit novel, but his work was rejected when director Catherine Hardwicke joined the project.

2008 marked the start of one of the most successful franchises of the 2000s on the big screen. Twilight, the adaptation of the first literary installment of the saga written by Stephenie Meyer, landed on the billboards. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were chosen to get into the skin of the leading couple: the human Beautiful swan and the vampire Edward Cullen. The film, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is quite faithful to the novel. Nevertheless, the original script that Mark Lord wrote before the filmmaker joined the project was a totally different story than what Meyer wrote on paper.

Lord and Hardwicke have featured on the podcast The Big Hit Show some details about this script that never saw the light. Lord has revealed that added a lot of action to the script to «give the male audience something more» because the producers thought they were going to lose them «with too much romance».

In this way, the script had plots such as: Carlisle cullen (Peter Facinelli), Edward’s father, and Charlie swan (Billy Burke), Bella’s parent, murdered. In this version, in addition, the protagonist was a vampire slayer species, as she shot these beings with a shotgun before becoming one of them herself. Lord wanted Bella to be a female character «a little stronger» instead of «just being crazy about this guy.» «It’s a ‘badass’! I want that girl to shoot some vampires. I want it to blow everything up«adds Lord.

This script was kept for a time in the early stages of the film’s development, but when Hardwicke became the director, the script was rejected. «I said, ‘First of all, this script has to be thrown away. It’s not good. You have to do it like the book.»recalls the director. «The original script had, literally, to Bella driving jet skis and being hunted by the FBI. He was a track and field star. Nothing to do with the book. «

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The truth is that Hardwicke already told some of these things in 2008 in Los Angeles Times. The director recalled that, in this script, Bella went to a restaurant with the villainous vampires in the first pages of the text. «And there’s this whole FBI organization tracking these evil vampires, the nomadic vampires, as they go from Canada to Mexico. And, in the end, the FBI chases them on jet skis in the ocean.». The director compared, at that time, this story with a kind of Charlie’s Angels.

Ultimately, Melissa Rosenberg joined the project and she, along with Hardwicke, wrote the script on which the film was based, one that did tell what Meyer wrote. TO Twilight Four more films followed: new Moon (2009), Eclipse (2010), Sunrise – Part 1 (2011) and Dawn Part 2 (2012). The saga grossed around the world more than three billion dollars.

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