Because you have seen ‘The Squid Game’: the Japanese series that has regained its popularity a year later

‘Alice in Borderland’ is once again among the most watched on the streaming platform. The reason? Its plot includes survival games and the platform recommends it to you after watching the South Korean.

The success of The Squid Game is, almost a month after its debut on Netflix, absolutely incontestable. South Korean series about a gory survival game developed by filmmaker Dong-hyuk Hwang It is already the most watched non-English-speaking series in the history of the streaming platform, but it is also on its way to becoming the most popular, as predicted by the company’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos a couple of weeks ago. «If it continues along the same lines,» was the condition imposed by the manager at the time, so we can assume that the data that crown it as the platform’s definitive bombshell will be communicated very soon.

Although he arrived on tiptoe sharing Friday’s premiere with the highly anticipated season 3 of Sex education, in just a week The Squid Game It had already ousted the hit series ‘teen’ from the Top 1 of the most popular. Since then, not only is there no one to move it from there, but word of mouth continues to bring in new viewers willing to see if fiction deserves the obsession that has been generated around the world. Everyone wants to see The Squid Game.

Curiously, the success of The Squid Game has notably benefited another Netflix series, which has been available on the streaming platform for almost a year, but that has returned to sneak into the Top 10 of the most popular in an unexpected way. The reason? That, In most cases, it is the title that Netflix recommends after you finish watching South Korean fiction: Alice in borderland.

In case you haven’t heard of Alice in borderland, we can tell you that it is a Japanese Netflix original series developed by Shinsuke Sato and based on a homonymous manga in which a group of three friends who love video games who lament their boring lives they are transported without waiting for it to a Tokyo parallel to the real one where they can only survive if they compete and manage to win in dangerous games.

It all begins on an apparently normal day, in which, after causing a dangerous altercation in an iconic location in the city, Arisu, Chōta and Karube reappear in an absolutely empty Tokyo after hiding in a bathroom fleeing from the police. They soon discover the dynamics of the game, which determine a series of cards and the level of difficulty of the tests they have to undergo. If they lose, they die, but if they win they get a series of privileges.

No wonder Alice in borderland be the series that Netflix suggests if you have enjoyed the most with The Squid Game, so we can also tell you that, At the moment, it consists of a season of 8 episodes already available on the platform, but the production of a second installment has already been commissioned.

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