Bad Bunny reappears covering his face after throwing a fan’s cell phone

The Puerto Rican singer reappeared last Friday and although he intended to keep a low profile, everything happened except that. 28-year-old Bad Bunny attended the Los Angeles Lakers NBA game and did it in the least expected way.

It turns out that the year of reggaeton began a bit hectic because he went viral for throwing the cell phone of a fan who was demanding a photograph of him into the sea, the situation took place on a beach in the Dominican Republic and it was obviously recorded and then uploaded to the networks social networks, Internet users did not let it pass and criticized it over and over again.

Instagram @nba

However, his plans not to be recognized at social events collapsed last Friday, as Benito reappeared at an NBA game.

In the front row and with a peculiar look, since the singer had his face completely covered with a brown hat, a matching face mask and dark glasses.

Instagram @nba

Although if we talk about attracting attention, the bad Rabbit was accompanied by a young and beautiful woman who was sitting next to him. According to information, the girl’s name is Laina Bell, a 22-year-old model, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, who is a success on social networks.

On the internet they did not take long to comment on their negative reactions to the return of the artist to the public eye: “He is a piece of me ****! Millionaire at the expense of his followers and mistreats them. Several simply called him «ridiculous» for being completely hidden.

Network users wasted no time criticizing the Puerto Rican for his look, as well as making jokes about the controversy recently unleashed.