‘Arcane’ surpasses ‘Game of Thrones’ in the list of the best series of all time

The Netflix series based on the famous video game ‘League of Legends’ has agreed to everyone: you have to see it.

It took seven years of intense work, with rewrites, perspective changes and negatives, for Riot Games and Fortiche to shape the Arcane. The effort and time invested have been worth it because Netflix fiction has already been placed among the best series of all time. According to the votes of 59,000 IMDb users, it deserves a 9.4 mark, an excellent who has placed her above Game of Thrones, which has a 9.2 -although, yes, with almost two million ratings-. Above them, yes, there are other better valued titles, such as The Wire, Chernobyl, Blood brothers or Planet Earth II, which tops the list.

It seems the general opinion. On Rotten tomatoes, a platform that gathers comments from the most internationally known critics and users, has a perfect score of 100% in specialized criticism and 98% among the audience. It places it directly among the best of the year, above Midnight mass or The Squid Game.

Now the companies that have made it possible are enjoying success, but seven years ago Riot Games didn’t see it as a safe bet. «I remember going to the directors of Riot and saying ‘I think we could do an animation series about Vi and that would be very cool,» confesses Christian Linke, co-showrunner, in an interview with Los Angeles Times. The company’s response was a resounding no, and they were told that if they had any idea about the story, they should pass it on to «the teams that take care of those things.». Linke presented the idea to the film and graphics departments and they didn’t like what they were told either. «We thought we would have to do it ourselves,» he concluded.

Luck came to them with the incorporation of Fortiche Production. The French company had already done some animations for League of Legends and they were the first to hear what Linke and Alex Yee had in mind for the video game universe. The creators had some 3D models of the characters that they had commissioned from Russian artists, but they needed to invest more to realize their full potential. «I started talking to Fortiche and told them: ‘I don’t know what it could be, but we made a 3D model of Vi while I was working on the story. Now we need $ 60,000 to do the animation tests«. Said and done.

Why should you watch ‘Arcane’ whether or not you are a fan of ‘League of Legends’?

A few years later, Arcane It has become the most watched on Netflix. In its first two weeks on the streaming platform, it has accumulated more than 70 million hours viewed, placing it in the first position of the most consumed by subscribers. Its success comes from a mix of many elements. The first thing that stands out is its animation. The art work in the series is impressive and beautiful, with great attention to detail. The Washington Post defines it as «a series of static illustrations, only they are designed to move with a sense of realism «.

A beautiful aesthetic is not sustained if there is not a great story behind and Arcane has it. The plot of the two sisters, marked by social differences and war, is what has really hooked viewers. It runs between Piltover and Zaun, two cities that belong to the Runeterra world. While Piltover is an academic and technologically advanced city, Zaun is the opposite, full of humble people.

The fiction has seen the light in three acts of three episodes each. In the first of them we meet the protagonists, Vi and Jinx, when they are girls trying to survive in Zaun. As a result of their actions, a war is unleashed against the enemy city, Piltover, which generates a series of consequences that are discovered in the second act, where the sisters are already adults.

Arcane it’s just one of the many animated series you’ll find on Netflix.

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