Tennessee post office shooting leaves three dead

Three postal service employees were killed in a shooting in Tennessee, colleagues and family members reported.

Two employees were shot dead by a third who later committed suicide, authorities said Tuesday. Neither the FBI nor the US Postal Service have disclosed the identity of those involved.

Laquita Benjamin, president of the local chapter of the National Association of Postal Supervisors, informed the local press that the deceased were a supervisor, a manager and a postman.

«It is not a phenomenon exclusive to the postal service because shootings also happen in schools, in stores, everywhere,» Benjamin added.

A relative identified one of the deceased as James Wilson, one of the managers at the East Lamar distribution center in the Orange Mound neighborhood of Memphis.

«He was a caring soul, one of the kindest managers you could ever meet,» said Roxanne Rogers, a cousin.

Rogers, who is also a postal worker, stated that Wilson had only just returned to that facility after working as a replacement for another colleague in a different location.

Melvin Richardson, president of the local postal union chapter, said the facility where the massacre occurred is accessible only to employees. Postmen depart in the morning from that facility, where other employees remain doing other tasks such as sorting the mail.

LaFerre Ryan, formerly a postman and now retired, rushed to the scene when he found out what happened.

“Postal clerks are like a family and I still think of them as my family. It hurts, because it could have been me, it could have been anyone, ”said Ryan.