Los Angeles police execute search warrants in case of racist audio

The Los Angeles Police have executed several search warrants as part of the investigation into the illegal recording and leaking of audio in which three members of the Los Angeles City Council and a union leader are heard making racist comments, Los Angeles reported today. Times.

The newspaper cited anonymous sources as explaining that the orders, issued by a judge, were intended to gain access to communications from social media accounts, including one where audio was originally leaked in September.

Later, the scandal broke out when the same newspaper revealed in October the audio of a meeting in October 2021 between council members Kevin De León and Gil Cedillo, the then president of the Council, Nury Martínez, and the then president of the County Labor Federation. of Los Angeles, Ron Herrera, in which racist epithets were issued.

The most controversial comments were those of Martínez, who said that the son of councilman Mike Bonin, an African-American boy, “looks like a little monkey” and also lashed out at indigenous Mexican immigrants from the state of Oaxaca, calling them “ugly.”

The wave of protests that the comments produced forced Martínez and Herrera to resign within days of the leak.

De León and Cedillo have remained in their posts although they were suspended from their duties as leaders of the commissions they headed in the Los Angeles City Council.

A week after the scandal broke last October, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Michel Moore announced that a criminal investigation had been launched to determine who recorded the audio.

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor tried unsuccessfully to prevent the newspaper from publishing details of the audio, arguing that it was obtained illegally.

Under California law, illegal recording can be considered a felony.

The four Latinos present at the meeting have said they did not know they were being recorded.