El Grande: Clan Leyva kidnapped García Luna for not answering his calls

The Mexican narco Sergio Villarreal Barragán, alias «El Grande», who is serving a prison sentence in the US, assured today that the drug lord Arturo Beltrán Leyva kidnapped the former Mexican Secretary of Public Security, Genaro García Luna, because this he did not answer his calls at a time when he seemed to side with Joaquín «El Chapo» Guzmán’s faction during an internal war within the Sinaloa clan.

El Grande, a witness for the Prosecutor’s Office during the drug trafficking trial against García Luna that began yesterday in a federal court in New York, assured that in the midst of the war that broke out between the different factions of the all-powerful Sinaloa clan in Mexico in 2008, García Luna seemed to benefit El Chapo’s group more to the detriment of the Leyva Clan.

According to El Grande, the operations against the Beltrán Leyva people were continuous, while «they were minimal» against the El Chapo group.

The war between the clan of El Chapo and Ismael «El Mayo» Zambada against that of the Beltrán Leyva brothers began after the arrest in Mexico of Alfredo Beltrán, which according to El Grande was the result of a betrayal within the cartel.

El Grande recounted that when the internal conflict broke out, Arturo Beltrán called García Luna to ask him which side he was on and he told him that he would remain neutral, something that exacerbated Beltrán’s spirits, although despite this he continued to send his payments to the then secretary of Public security.

However, when he perceived that the security operations, whose head was García Luna, were increasing excessively, he tried to call him and speak with him through Luis Cárdenas Palomino, former director of federal security for the Federal Police, and supposed link between the cartel and García Luna, but it was not possible.

So, they kidnapped García Luna when he was on a highway in the state of Morelos, on the way to the town of Cocoyoc, to talk to him and after the conversation they left him back where they had kidnapped him, always according to El Grande’s version.