Chicago woman says daughter robbed at gunpoint at Hoyne, Devon avenues in West Rogers Park

CHICAGO (WLS) — A Chicago woman said her daughter was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday, by a group of men who tried to take her vehicle.

It occurred near the intersection of Hoyne and Devon avenues.

Pauline Chavaria said her daughter was pulling in, after work, and was on the phone with her. That’s when a car pulled in front, and a man got out, and demanded the daughter’s keys.

«All I hear is she is like, ‘Mom, take it, take it,’ and some kind of instinct said something was wrong,» mother Pauline Chavaria said. «I ran out and told my husband, ‘grab your gun, something is wrong with Melissa,’ and I ran out and she is running inside and said, ‘They got the gun, they got the gun.'»

The men did not get the vehicle, but apparently did get away with the daughter’s purse. She was not physically hurt.

No one has been arrested.