WhatsApp fell: what is known and when will it work again?

¿Se cayó WhatsApp?

Users of WhatsApp reported the drop of the messaging app around the world. In Argentina the faults began after 5:10 p.m. and were reported loading problems and that messages sent to other people or groups are not being sent. According to the specialized site Downdetector, After 6:00 p.m., almost 1,500 failures were recorded. 73% reported … Read More

Whatsapp: How to have two accounts on the same cell phone

Whatsapp: Cómo tener dos cuentas en un mismo teléfono celular

Yes ok WhatsApp allows you to install your application once on each mobile device (cellular) there is a variant that breaks everything and can make you have two different accounts on the same device. Of course, you only have to use it on devices with the operating system Android and have the possibility of loading … Read More

WhatsApp: on which cell phones will the app stop working

Whatsapp: en qué celulares dejará de funcionar la app. (Captura de Tv)

Once again the famous instant messaging application, WhatsApp, alerts with a new version and the impact on the oldest computers are those that are in the greatest danger, in the event that they do not have an updated operating system. The A24 trending specialist, Fernando Carolei, explained in the News Team program that the technical … Read More

WhatsApp: now users can listen to voice messages before sending them

WhatsApp: se podrán programar mensajes para Año Nuevo

The most popular messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp (Meta) enabled preview in voice messages. This function will allow what many users want: allow them to listen to the voice message before sending it, and if they are not satisfied with the recording, they can delete it and record a new one. This update comes … Read More

WhatsApp: messages can be scheduled for New Year

WhatsApp: se podrán programar mensajes para Año Nuevo

While you toast at twelve o’clock for the new YearThose people who may not be sharing the table with you come to mind, but they are just as important in your lifefor this reason we bring you a tool so that you can send a message at 00:00 and be present in that little moment … Read More

How social networks can favor business opportunities

Los consumidores de los países en desarrollo son más propensos a utilizar el comercio social.

In the last year, 64% of people globally say they made purchases through social media; And this trend will only continue to grow. This is expressed in a new study by the global consulting firm Accenture, among more than 10,000 network users, according to which, social commerce will triple in value by 2025, reaching US$1.2 … Read More

Whatsapp: new emojis will land in the messaging app

Whatsapp: nuevos emojis desembarcarán en la app de mensajería

Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging platforms in the virtual world. Inside of her the famous emojis are found that we send every day to communicate without the need to write the words. As of February this year the beta version of Whatsapp iOS 15.4 will add 37 more emoji designs, and then … Read More

WhatsApp will stop working on some cell phones

WhatsApp dejará de funcionar en celulares

WhatsApp It will stop working on these cell phones. Which operating systems will be affected and what measures to take. Like other technology companies, every year we identify which are the most outdated devices and software and those with fewer users to decide what we stop supporting. It is also possible that those devices do … Read More

Whatsapp will stop working on several cell phones from this Monday

Whatsapp dejará de funcionar en diferentes celulares a partir de noviembre

As of November 1, WhatsApp will stop working on 43 cell phone models. «WhatsApp will end support for phones running Android 4.0.4 or earlier on November 1, 2021. We recommend switching to a compatible device or saving your chat history before that date.»says the report published by the messaging service. As of that date, the … Read More

Vot-A, the WhatsApp bot to know where to vote, is already working

Ya funciona Vot-A

For the Elections 2021the National Electoral Chamber launched the chatbot Vot-A that works as a virtual assistant to be used with the instant messaging application WhatsApp. This allows access to where vote and other queries, such as health protocols. See how Vot-A is used and know where to vote Vot-a, the WhatsApp bot to find … Read More

WhatsApp scam: warn about a new modality for account theft

Nueva modalidad de estafa por Whatsapp

A prosecutor specializing in cybercrime, Horace Azzolin, head of the Specialized Fiscal Unit in Cybercrime (UFECI)warned about a new type of scam that includes the theft of a WhatsApp accountwhere cybercriminals access the victim’s contacts and they offer as a hook to sell them «big face» dollars in exchange for a bank transfer or deposit. … Read More