These are the most used emojis around the world in 2021

We are practically at the end of the year and therefore, on the Internet we begin to see lists and «top 10» of what was a trend in 2021. The world of technology gives us many of these listings and now the one made by the Unicode company in which, they have been shown which … Read More

Facebook could run out of gifs by order of UK regulators

Today, practically no it is impossible to think of social networks that do not have gifs, These animated graphics make interaction between users more fun, whether in publications or through instant messages. Nevertheless, Facebook is in danger of running out of gifs, after this Tuesday, lthe British Competition Authority (CMA), ordered the company recently christened … Read More

Review: Shin Megami Tensei V, Forza Horizon 5 and Jars

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Spotify Wrapped 2021: what is it and when is it published

Surely, and more now in times of pandemic, one of the internet platforms most used by millions of people around the world it’s Spotify, a digital music, podcast and video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from creators around the world. Like many other applications, there are 2 versions … Read More

Is it necessary to remove Google Chrome from Android cell phones for security?

A couple days ago, several users of social networks and even some media, including the prestigious Forbes magazine, published various articles where invited Android device users to immediately remove the Google Chrome browser. This was because at the end of October, an expert cybersecurity researcher named Tommy Mysk published an article in which he claimed … Read More

Cybersecurity experts say that iPhone users should remove Facebook and Instagram from their phones for this reason

Some of the most used applications on any cell phone, regardless of what operating system it works with, are Facebook and Instagram; However, recently in an interview for Forbes, cybersecurity experts have recommended that, perhaps, the best thing for iPhone users is not to have these apps on their devices. Cybersecurity experts Talal Haj Bakry, … Read More

Snapchat announces Halloween news

Snapchat has unveiled the content that it will make available to its users to help them celebrate Halloween, with new augmented reality glasses, costumes for your ‘bitmoji’ and a custom map with a horror atmosphere. The spookiest night of the year comes to Snapchat with new tools for its community, among which it stands out … Read More

5 tips to keep your computer from slowing down after installing updates

«Please download an update.» This is a message that appears regularly on most users’ computers. Many are concerned about doing this because they fear that their computer will not work as well once they do. Users install software updates to improve the performance and security of their computers. However, these can cause slowdowns and there … Read More

WhatsApp enabled a feature for video calls that everyone was asking for

WhatsApp is constantly updated with the intention of keeping his millions of followers around the world happy and also to try to convince others to join his services. The instant messaging application offers not only to send text and voice messages; Users can also exchange different types of files between them, be they photos, videos … Read More