Meet the first 3D-printed house with bio-based materials

La casa "bioimpresa" de la Universidad de Maine.

The «bioprinted» house at the University of Maine. Photo: University of Maine / Courtesy Although we have already seen hundreds of 3D printed houses in the past, and even many that can be cost competitive with conventional houses, now a house was printed with bio-based materials. Researchers from the University of Maine unveiled the construction … Read More

Ronna, ronto, quetta and quecto: the new prefixes that were created to be able to measure the large amount of data generated by the world

Con las cantidades masivas de contenido que se crea todo los días, los expertos necesitan nuevos prefijos para referirse a ciertas cifras.

The vast amount of data that we as a species generate and publish on the internet every day has created a linguistic problem. The prefixes we have used to name the information (kilobytes, megabytes, terabytes) we are no longer enough to describe everything that exists – and that it will exist – on the net. … Read More

Twitter Blue already has a relaunch date, after the chaos generated by the first attempt

La palomita en las cuentas de Twitter ya no será señal de una cuenta verificada.

Much controversy exists around Twitter after being bought by businessman Elon Musk, who has come to shake and completely change this social network. One of the most controversial Twitter changes recently introduced by Musk is the Twitter Blue service, which consists of paying a monthly subscription, completely optional, offering access exclusive to premium features and … Read More

This is how Communities works, the new WhatsApp feature

Pronto estarán disponibles las Comunidades para todos los usuarios de WhatsApp.

The popular WhatsApp groups will now have a new function that promises to “revolutionize” the use of the messaging application. Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, as well as the social networks Facebook and Instagram, announced this Thursday in a statement that will allow you to create “Communities” on your platform. This means that users … Read More

YouTube: how to zoom in on videos from the cell phone

La nueva función de zoom permitirá a los usuarios acercar los videos a su gusto y a sus intereses.

The new zoom feature will allow users to zoom in on videos to their liking and interests. Photo: PEXELES / Courtesy One of the most visited digital platforms in the world, without a doubt, is YouTube, in which millions of people can watch all kinds of videos from a tablet, computer or smartphone, despite the … Read More

Meta ad sales plummet: how it could affect Facebook

Desde hace un año Facebook ha perdido millones de usuarios.

Meta, parent company of Facebook and Instagram WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus, announced that its net profits between January and September represented $18,547 million dollars, this figure is considered a 36% drop compared to the same period of the previous year. According to EFE, in the first nine months of the year, Meta entered $84,444 million … Read More

Study shows that gamer children have better cognitive performance

Los videojuegos resultaron benéficos para los menores, jugando con medida.

Parents often worry about the harmful impacts of video games on their children, from your mental health to social issues to lack of exercise, but a large study published Monday in JAMA Network Open indicates that There are cognitive benefits associated with this popular hobby. The researchers analyzed the results of cognitive tests and brain … Read More

Video: This peculiar prototype could be the future of flying cars

El prototipo "Mad Bat" podría hacer que los autos comunes vuelen.

The prototype «Mad Bat» could make ordinary cars fly. Photo: Steadicopter/Getty Images This quirky new flying machine is being touted as the future of «aeronautics» and could lift any ordinary car off the ground. The call «Mad Bat” is a quarter-scale prototype of the plane that has already proven its ability to perform amazing tricks … Read More